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The Portuguese coach made a strong statement when he talked about finding the best team. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

– I wish they did not play with my work. Let’s imagine this team that everyone thinks of playing every game. Willian has not played all the matches and is out, today he had a health problem to solve. He has not played any game. Jo is out. Among this excellent team that everyone is talking about, let’s do an analysis. We have Renato (Augusto), who left with muscle problems, not playing all the time. We try to control it so that it doesn’t turn out to be a mess, so that it doesn’t get worse. Fagner was injured in 11 away matches. João Victor I don’t know how many games. Gil was also injured in a series of games. Fábio (Santos) also, like three matches, I do not believe it is possible for him to play every three days, no way – said Vítor Pereira.

– Whoever comes up with this conversation to find a team to play all the games is playing with me, they are playing with my work, they don’t see what’s going on. If we did not have boys, the Corinthians would be fighting to be demoted, but people do not want to see the truth. Not really, in the club, in the gym, they don’t analyze sports and come up with these conversations. This plays with my work. How will I be satisfied today when I have to watch the next game and almost have no people? We have to be honest, because then the crowd is accusing.

Vítor Pereira, Corinthians coach, during a game at the Arena – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Vítor Pereira also made it clear that he sees other teams as stronger than the Corinthians.

– The calendar is the same. In order to have a competitive team in every game, I need a bigger squad, the players have a higher level of technicality. I look at some teams and the weapons are different. We cannot compare ourselves to anyone else, because they have more solutions than we do. I have done my best. The club has done what it can, but it is not necessary. We cannot continue to claim when the truth tells us otherwise. The truth is that today, to make an alternative, I have no left wing. I must install Python. You can’t keep blablabla, deceive people.

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The coach regretted the injuries on the team and once again expressed his dissatisfaction with the rewards of good play.

– We need João Victor, Júnior Moraes, Willian, Paulinho … Take a good look at the squad we had and see what we have now about the solutions. Don’t call me. We’re up there, fighting up there. This is not honest. The most demanding person from the team is playing with my work, and I can’t accept that.

More responses from Vitor Pereira

– We played the first period of quality, almost always in the attacking midfield, with an interesting combination. We were unable to reach the area to end the conditions we had created. There was no presence at that time.

– Róger Guedes is not 9, so to surrender he must be seen playing, because he is not the mainstay who will be seen in the area. Please come out, because in order to fast he has to come out. The truth is that the first part was good. The work is few, the solutions that we have to make during the game. When we put pressure on opponents, they did not reach our goal. In the second period, we lost power, the players in front lost power, and we need to change and there is no one to replace it, so we lose quality. We didn’t score the second goal and by the end of the game we were no longer able to have the ball and move on, and we usually ended the game with the feeling that the opponent was the best. We did not score two or three goals in the first half and in the second half we lost the ability.

– I ask them to score goals, but for the players we have there is no way to cross, because we do not have the players to win this ball. It has to be a quick crossing, and we are working very hard on that, in the sense of anticipation, to create surprises. We end up missing this presence, and we have this difficulty. The first period, sometimes the crosses came out and there was no one, everyone outside the area waiting I do not know what. This is a feature we should live with, but also the result of the qualities of the players we have.

– The club is aware that we have several problems in terms of solution. We started the championship with a lot more problems, but the board will do everything possible, I believe. These things (hiring) are internal.

– Because of the need we have, we must play with their prowess. You should look at who can respond three days later. This cycle … Honestly, I’m tired of hearing things that don’t mean anything. If we didn’t go around, we were fighting and playing, and if we didn’t have boys to play with, I wanted to see which team we would play for. I wanted to see someone come here and put this team together to play in the middle of the week. It should be this way and appreciated. The boys are trying and trying and supporting the team. Instead of appreciating it, no. I define the team and criticize. I try to calm things down, but I can’t calm down anything. Who will be the top striker who will play? Roger took the yellow. Giovanni or Felipe? One more boy. This is the truth.

– Cantillo with the ball gives us quality. What I am asking him is to be the brightest without the ball and that from a defensive point he knows how to respond to space. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. It is one more player to help. We need everyone. From boys, from seniors.

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