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Unlike Elijah, I have been late in releasing information about upcoming speaking engagements. I forgot to tell the readers about me He spoke to the Federalist Society chapter of the University of Michigan Law School On climate change policy (with a response from Professor Rachel Rothschild), my presentation of my paper, “Stand without injury” At the University of Chicago Constitutional Law Institute Permanent Doctrine ConferenceMy participation in a panel discussion on “Can companies be sued over global warming?” In the annual conference of the Cox Center for International Law “Climate change and international law at the crossroads.”

Perhaps more importantly, I neglected to mention my participation in this year’s “IronConLawProf” event sponsored by the Federalist Society chapter of the CWRU. This is a particularly fun event, where professors are assigned to present a mock oral argument for a case pending before the Supreme Court. What makes the event particularly fun (and inspired the name) is that the participating professors don’t know which aspect they will have to discuss until the event begins. This was the case this year Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raymando (the Chevron case), and I painted the government, so I had to do my best impersonation of Elizabeth Prelogar. My colleague Professor Jessie Hill was stuck discussing this Chevron It should turn over.

Below is a short list of the rhetorical engagements I have identified for the rest of the semester. (I will update this list as additional events arise.)

On October 5th, I will be speaking at A Federal Bar Association, Northern District of Ohio CLE program in, “Administrative Procedure Law Seminar: History, Interpretations, and Latest Rulings from the Bench.” Other speakers include Prof. Emily Bremer of Notre Dame and Christopher Walker of Michigan. The event takes place from 9am to 1pm at the Carl P. Stokes Courthouse in Cleveland. Registration information is here.

On October 10, I will be speaking to the student chapter of the Federalist Society at Harvard Law School on “Environmental Federalism: States as Laboratories for Environmental Policy.” Professor James Salzman will provide critical commentary. details here.

On October 17th, I will be speaking at midday to the student branch of the Federalist Society at the University of Chicago on “Why the EPA Won’t Save Us from Climate Change.”

On October 24, I will deliver two lectures for the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Federalist Society. First, at noon, I will once again speak to the student chapter of George Washington University Law School about “Why the EPA Won’t Save Us from Climate Change.”

At 5 p.m. that day, I will speak to the student chapter of Georgetown University Law Center about the Roberts Court and talk about my claim that the Court is (by historical standards) relatively restrictive. Professor Josh Chaffetz will be there to vehemently disagree.

On October 27, I will be on the panel “State Constitutions and Climate Change” Sponsored by the State Democracy Research Initiative at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Other speakers include retired Justice Michael Wilson of the Supreme Court of Hawaii, Dean Elizabeth Cronk-Warner (Queeney Law School), Professor Shelley Wilton (Pen Curry Law School), and Professor Miriam Seifter (Wisconsin).

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