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A few months ago, my ten-year-old son and I shot a movie short film in Esperanto He presented it to Esperanto Film Festival. (It’s really short: less than 3 minutes long. And don’t worry: it has English subtitles.) It’s about Diogenes (The Greek philosopher who walked around with a lantern looking for an honest man) and is called “Honest Homo” (“”honest person”).

I’m including the video below, however the most important, Please click over to YouTube and “like” (“thumbs up”) the video there: “Audience Favorite” receives a special award at this film festival! (I don’t think you can “like” a YouTube video when you watch it on this blog: click the title above the video to open it on YouTube.)

Thanks to Alexander von Miller, former Vice President of… Esperanto USA and the indefatigable organizer of this film festival (called “5th Good American Film Festival“, or in Esperanto, “La 5a [pronounced ‘kvina’] Usona Bona Film-Festivalo”). (Alex also organizes the local Esperanto scene in Atlanta – if you find Esperanto interesting and you’re in the Atlanta area, let me know and I’ll connect you.)

Esperanto It’s the most popular of the constructed languages ​​(and has been around longer than Klingon, Elvish, and High Valerian), and it’s very easy to learn, even easier to learn these days now that there’s an Esperanto course around. Duolingo. (In 1997-1998, I had to learn that Using a book. I’ve now finished my Esperanto and Klingon courses on Duolingo.) I may go to the national conference next year in Los Angeles, and I may also visit Esperanto next March in Białystok, Polandwhere Ludwik Zamenhofthe man who founded the language was born in the 1870s and 1880s.

And please remember Click through to YouTube and “Like” my video!

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