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Today’s episode of the Cyberlaw Podcast begins, as it should, with Saturday’s horrific Hamas attack on Israeli civilians. I ask Adam Hickey And Paul RosenzweigThey have a long history in the fight against terrorism, to comment on the attack and what lessons the United States should draw from it, whether in terms of revitalizing intelligence programs or the need for practical defenses against drone attacks.

In other news, Adam covers the disturbing prediction that The United States and China have a fifty percent chance of armed conflict in the next five years – and the supply chain consequences of the growing conflict. At the same time, Western companies hoped to end the conflict You may not be given the opportunity. Adam also covers relevant EU efforts To assess the risks posed by four main technologies.

Paul and I share our skepticism about the Red Cross’s efforts to enforce it Ethical guidelines on war activists. Not that we need to; Hacktivists seem idealistic Able to express their doubts On their own.

The Fifth Circuit has And she expanded her command Against the US government, prohibiting the White House and several agencies from encouraging or coercing social media to suppress “misinformation.” Adam, who oversaw the FBI’s efforts to counter foreign disinformation, takes a different view of the facts than the Fifth Circuit. In the same vein, we note a recent research paper from two former Facebook content moderators saying this Government pressure on social media is really working (As if you had any doubt).

Paul comments on the proposal to expose vulnerabilities in the European Union Hostile reaction It attracted some rational people.

Adam and I find value in Editorial This explains a strange war between the camps, not over whether AI should be regulated or not, but over how and why.

Finally, Paul was saddened by another step Apple surrender step by step For Chinese censorship and social control.

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