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the Daily Mail (UK) (Claudia Orha) Reports (see also New York Post), and this screenshot includes:

I believe that the student who wrote the letter should have every right to express her opinions, including opinions that support the killing of civilians. I certainly do not share the student’s views, and I share the distinction that modern standards generally draw between directly targeting civilians (which Hamas appears to have done) and targeting military targets even when some civilians are inevitably killed. I also think that we should not forget that the Hamas Charter is as well Frankly committed To “fight the Jews” and destroy Israel (rather than simply change the borders), he emphasized a passage from the Qur’an that states,

The Hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews (kill the Jews), and the Jew hides behind stones and trees. Then the stone and the trees say, O Muslims, O Abdullah, this is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.

(be seen “When Hamas tells you who they are, believe them“, by Bruce Hoffman, V Atlantic Ocean.) This is a war to slaughter Jews because they are Jews.

But who is right and who is wrong in any war, and when it is appropriate to kill civilians (Jews, Palestinians, or others) during a military attack, like any other such questions, are matters that Americans should be free to debate. . Such situations do not fall within any of the narrow exceptions to First Amendment protection. Although NYU is not bound by the First Amendment, it promises protection Academic freedom and freedom of expression By their students.

However, the student did not express her opinions herself in her own post. As SBA Chair, she expressed it in the SBA Newsletter. I do not believe that student government officials have any right to use their offices to convey their controversial personal views which I expect will not be shared by many of their constituents and fellow office holders. It certainly seems to me a good fit for students To remove The president who does this, who The NYU SBA Constitution authorizes.

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