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From the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (Joe Cohen):

Earlier this week, Stanford University hanging A teacher while the institution is investigating allegations that Jewish and Israeli students were targeted for discriminatory treatment in the required first year.”Civic, liberal and universal education“Of course. Discriminating against students based on a protected characteristic such as race, gender, or national origin is a violation Federal law.

Academic freedom protects an exceptionally wide range of pedagogically relevant classroom discourse by faculty members. But taken together, the behavior alleged in this case appears to cross the line. according to several News Reports, in impromptu discussions about Israel’s war with Hamas over two semesters, the teacher claims:

  • He asked the Jewish and Israeli students to raise their hands;
  • He separated the Jewish and Israeli students from their peers, whom he said represented the “colonizers,” by ordering the Jewish and Israeli students to stand in the corner;
  • He described Jewish and Israeli students as “colonizers”; And
  • He said that Israel is a colonial state that killed more people than they killed during the Holocaust.
  • There is, too Conflicted Reports About how a teacher would take one or more students or separate them from their belongings before sending them to the corner.

Academic freedom protects the rights of instructors to make the argument that Israel is a colonizer responsible for many deaths, just as it protects all other arguments relevant to the course topic. But academic freedom does not allow students to be singled out for adverse treatment on the basis of their protected class status. The fire has He argued for a long time That while “broadcasting a point of view is not the same as acting on it,” universities must work to prohibit discriminatory behavior by faculty.

Like any other coach facing misconduct allegations, Stanford must provide the coach with strong due process protections to ensure basic fairness in any disciplinary proceeding.

Seems about right to me, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

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