What is Metaverse? Be aware of the new internet wave – 10/04/2021

* By Vivaldo José Breternitz

Muhula metaversewhich has often been seen when talking about information technology, is used to illustrate the kind of ordinary world, which attempts to mimic the real and massive use of digital devices, real reality, augmented reality and other modern technologies.

Player # 1, the 2018 sci-fi film, summarizes what it will be metaverse. The protagonist of the film, an orphan, escapes his dark life in the real world by immersing himself in an email world called OASIS, a digital environment that allows users to live as they wish, without limit.

Several directors of major technology companies, inspired by science fiction, say that soon, we can all be in a world of virtual reality, interactions, life events and unlimited use, like the characters in the film. Instead of OASIS, however, they call this world a metaverse.

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THE metaverse is different from today’s virtual reality, where complex hardware and limited software provide a unique experience and limited space to interact with other people. This technology of the future will be a great community network, driven by augmented reality and email realism, allowing our avatars to fly easily from one activity to another.

enabling metaverse it is a huge task, which requires standards and cooperation between major technology companies, which are unlikely to collaborate with anyone else. Despite this, many executives in the area say that we are heading there.

“Facebook will be a company metaverse“, said Mark Zuckerberg in July. The company’s goal is to attract millions of people with affordable equipment and attractive software. Therefore, the social network is investing billions of dollars in this area.

Facebook is not the only gambler metaverse. In May, Microsoft said it was developing software tools to help other companies create technology-enabled applications. Several gaming companies, including the owner of Fortnite Epic Games, have released a simulation program for a single purpose.

However, metaverse does not exist and there is no clearly defined deadline for its arrival. Reinforced e-mail reality has not yet won many people and remains popular, despite Zuckerberg saying in 2017 that soon a billion people will be using Oculus, a virtual reality device for video games. In fact, this number is far from reached.

This is one of those situations in which we may face a dramatic coup or a catastrophic failure. It is worth remembering the Second Life case, launched by Linden Lab in 2003. The purpose of Second Life was to create a similar reality, in which users can play, socialize, work, buy and sell, among other activities.

There were a lot of interesting things in the beginning, as well as intense media coverage, but the enthusiasm was short-lived and, at least in Brazil, many companies lost a good amount of money that they had spent to build their online versions.

* Vivaldo José Breternitz, PhD in Science from the University of São Paulo, is a professor in the Faculty of Computer and Informatics at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie

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