What is the layout of the options?

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After the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics and became champions last week, the NBA teams focus on a special night of the year: Draft. The ceremony is scheduled for Thursday (23), starting at 6:30 pm, and will be announced on ESPN. In it, 30 players will select players (especially those from North American universities) to join the best basketball in the world. Youngsters will have the opportunity to prove their worth and start their lives in the league.

Teams do a great job of monitoring to make the most of their choice. The right decisions can lead to big projects, just like the current NBA graduates, who prepared the team’s top players. Bad choices, for example, can produce years of waiting for a successful campaign in the league.

This year’s draft will have only 58 options (compared to the 60 that occur all the time, with 30 in the first round and 30 in the second). That’s because the NBA punished the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat for violating negotiated deadlines last week. independent organizationexcluding two options from the second round.

It is worth remembering that the layout of options can change. Teams can do business involving their own select until the night of the Draft. The Los Angeles Lakers, for example, do not have any version for this reason. However, US sources claim that the team is working behind the scenes to find at least one option.

See the 2022 Draft optional mandate option:

1) Orlando Magic

2) Oklahoma City Thunder

3) Houston Rockets

4) Sacramento Kings

5) Detroit pistons

6) Indiana Pacers

7) Portland Trail Blazers

8) New Orleans Pelicans

9) San Antonio Spurs

10) Washington Wizards

11) New York Knicks

12) Oklahoma City Thunder

13) Charlotte Hornets

14) Cleveland Cavaliers

15) Charlotte Hornets

16) Atlanta Hawks

17) Houston Rockets

18) Chicago Bulls

19) Minnesota Timberwolves

20) San Antonio Spurs

21) Denver Nuggets

22) Memphis Grizzlies

23) Philadelphia 76ers

24) Milwaukee Bucks

25) San Antonio Spurs

26) Dallas Mavericks

27) Miami Heat

28) Golden State Warriors

29) Memphis Grizzlies

30) Oklahoma City Thunder

31) Indiana Pacers

32) Orlando Magic

33) Toronto Raptors

34) Oklahoma City Thunder

35) Orlando Magic

36) Portland Trail Blazers

37) Sacramento Kings

38) San Antonio Spurs

39) Cleveland Cavaliers

40) Minnesota Timberwolves

41) New Orleans Pelicans

42) New York Knicks

43) Los Angeles Clippers

44) Atlanta Hawks

45) Charlotte Hornets

46) Detroit pistons

47) Memphis Grizzlies

48) Minnesota Timberwolves

49) Kings of Sacramento

50) Minnesota Timberwolves

51) Golden State Warriors

52) New Orleans Pelicans

53) Boston Celtics

54) Washington Wizards

55) Golden State Warriors

56) Cleveland Cavaliers

57) Portland Trail Blazers

58) Indiana Pacers

Brazil can be written

With this year’s Draft, the Brazilian could be one of the options: Gui Santos, the guaranteed defender of the Minas Tênis Clube and the national team. According to the Jumper Brasil website, the 19-year-old has been in the United States since the beginning of the month, having already trained with the Celtics, Charlotte Hornets, Portland Trail Blazers and Warriors.

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