Why brake dust is a big problem in 2022

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The FIA ​​desires to speak to groups in the approaching weeks about whether or not measures are wanted to take care of brake dust. Drivers complained that brake dust consistently fell on their faces whereas driving, and that it was dangerous to their well being.

Income and expenditure on the brake are strictly indicated in 2022


Sebastian Vettel in explicit raised the difficulty when he got here to the dusty interview stage after the race in Austria. “Honestly, it is one thing they should work on as a result of the entrance brake pipe design is blowing all of the brake dust in our faces this yr and that is not a good factor,” he stated.

“Inhaling carbon dust is not dangerous to well being. I hope the FIA ​​will look into it quickly as a result of it is pointless and simple to alter.”

The guidelines concerning brake duct design had been modified for 2022 to restrict the power of groups to create an aerodynamic wash by blowing air via the wheels.

As a end result, an try was made to centralize the airflow by introducing a obligatory rear-facing airflow. However, this appears to have brought about the carbon dust problem.

Stricter guidelines

Under earlier rules, groups directed not solely airflow, but in addition warmth and brake dust straight out via the tire tread. This freedom has led to a variety of options specializing in the benefits that groups can obtain from an aerodynamic perspective.

This has led not solely to advanced brake nicely designs, however options reminiscent of blown axles and customized rim designs.

Red Bull RB18 braking

This is what the Red Bull RB18 brakes appear like scaling

The new rules for 2022 are designed to additional scale back the incidence of spills. This additionally contains one-piece rims and rim caps, with the outer drum forming a seal in order that airflow can solely enter and exit via the entrance and rear openings.

Teams nonetheless have some leeway in how they’ll creatively handle the warmth and airflow contained in the brake drum. Most of the groups opted for a rim that surrounds the brake disc, just like the Red Bull RB18.

Will the FIA ​​change the rear sockets?

The form, dimension, and placement of inlets and openings are dictated by the principles, whereas design groups have some freedom for individuality. However, the rear exhaust could possibly be one facet of the design that the FIA ​​is contemplating to alter the brake dust path, presumably giving groups an excessive amount of leeway at this early stage of the rules cycle.

It must also be remembered that the diameter of the brake discs has elevated considerably till 2022: it is now from 325 to 330 millimeters as a substitute of a most of 278 millimeters – so in principle extra dust is emitted.

Formula 1 brake

This yr, the scale of the brake is bigger scaling

In addition, the diameter of the drilled cooling holes via the brake disc should now be no less than three millimeters, which dramatically impacts the quantity and design of the holes used. The guidelines additionally make it clear that cooling vents are not allowed in brake pads.

In mixture with these components, brake dust can enhance as a consequence of these radical modifications in the artistic freedom of the workforce.

In session with the groups, the main points of the development of the brake discs and pipes are taken into consideration – as a result of it is essential to search out a good answer with out eliminating the explanation why the air doesn’t fly out of the automotive.

In the long run, the FIA ​​could take into account one thing extra radical, reminiscent of altering the fabric of the discs.

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