With popcorn, Flamengo arrives in Ceará under the request of “honor and dedication”; Lacy Cursed | Brazilian Series a

Flamengo landed in Fortaleza on Friday night, the night before the clash with Ceará, scheduled for Saturday, 4:30 pm (GMT), in Castelão, under many protests. Popcorn tossed to Marcos Braz, who was bitten, and curses by Rodolfo Landim set the tone for the arrival of black people.

+ Flamengo’s presidential authorities extend their solidarity with Landim against “unjust aggression”

When the bus rang at the hotel gate, at 8:10 pm (GMT), the cry “We want respect and dedication, this is not Vasco, this is Flamengo” began. President Rodolfo Landim, who was not with the delegates, was the most insulted. Fans shouted: “Landim, go f …, My Flamengo didn’t need you” (see video above and below).

Fans are waiting for Flamengo in Fortaleza with gifts, a national anthem and a procession

Fans are waiting for Flamengo in Fortaleza with gifts, a national anthem and a procession

Popcorn was dropped when Bruno Spindel and Marcos Braz left the Flamengo bus. The main target was Braz.

Popcorn was handed over to Flamengo members when they arrived in Fortaleza – Photo: Eric Faria

Popcorn on the floor with David Luiz, from Flamengo, watching fans – Photo: Eric Faria

During the landing, there were no protests directed at the players. The first ones who got off the bus showed anxious faces, but little by little the athletes who were already very attentive at the previous reception repeated the measure.

David Luiz sat again for several minutes with the fans. Pablo, who received national recognition for his Ceará shirt, was also very careful. Everton Ribeiro, Rodrigo Caio, Matheuzinho and Rodinei did the same.

Pablo was very careful with Flamengo fans – Photo: Beatriz Carvalho

David Luiz meets fans at Flamengo Hotel – Photo: Eric Faria

Support for Paulo Sousa and David Luiz before the protest

Before all the pressure was put on the board, the atmosphere was split in concentration. There was support and needs.

Minutes before the team arrived, a group of organization members stood in front of the main gate of the Rio de Janeiro concentration camp and displayed placards against the medical department, president Rodolfo Landim and vice president of football Marcos Braz. In their end, the red-black placement in Brazil (14th) is the focus of the complaint.

A group of fans from Flamengo protest against the board and DM – Photo: Beatriz Carvalho

Everton fan Felipe, a black man and resident of the capital Ceará, repeated the gesture he made in 2019 with Jorge Jesus before the 2-1 victory over Fortaleza. He went to the Flamengo hotel to present a portrait of Father Cícero, a patron saint of Juazeiro do Norte and treated as a saint in Ceará. He also took photographs of Paulo Sousa and David Luiz made of wood, printed in cariri stone.

Everton introduced the art of Dona Graça and Rafael, who live in the city of Nova Olinda. He explained why he chose Paul and David as dignitaries.

– David Luiz and Paulo Sousa are very attractive to the crowd and give each other a lot of love and attention. I would like to give them a gift to give the red-black team all the luck – said the young man.

Everton Felipe carved wood by Paulo Sousa and David Luiz with a portrait of Father Cícero – Photo: Beatriz Carvalho

In other words, supporter Leonardo Souza, who will not be able to attend Castelão Arena because he will be on duty during the game, expressed his dissatisfaction with Rodolfo Landim, Marcos Braz, Bruno Spindel and Paulo Sousa.

– It is a protest against the board, against the coach and against the players because the team is falling apart and playing very badly. He is the fourth worst coach Braz has hired – said Leonardo.

Leonardo Souza took a photo of Flamengo coach and officials – Photo: Eric Faria

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